Little touches

Little touches do make a huge difference, anyone can throw on a dress but its the finishing touches that will make or break your ensemble. With the come back of one the greatest punk bands “no doubt” there leading lady Gwen Stefani has always payed homage to red lipstick and by god does this lady know how to rock it from going to the supermarket to a photo shoot.



My trouble with red lipstick is it doesn’t last or else it’s all over my teeth, either way it’s not a good look for anyone. So I went on the hunt for the perfect lipstick and I found a hands down winner which in a way I was a little surprised by as I’ve tried this make before and it was very poor.

Kate Moss has collaborated with Rimmel and designed her own collection of lipsticks retailing at €6.95. I applied it a 8am I had a sandwich at two which was the first time I reapplied. When I was heading home at 9pm I looked in the mirror and to my surprise it was still perfect. I couldn’t believe it!!


She has two shades of red I chose the deeper of the two to suit my pale complexion. Lady’s were onto a winner here so make your way to any of the major pharmacy’s and pick yours up today and you’ll be “Rock Steady” for any occasion.

With love Warrior Couture x


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