Pot of Gold

It doesn’t matter what country you live in or what age you are every girl want those shoes Beyonce’s wearing or that outfit Kim Kardashian is rocking!! But Hey let’s face it we don’t have there bank accounts or a boyfriend called Kanye West to buy us a WHOLE new wardrobe … Oh I girl can dream. Lets not dream anymore what’s one women’s trash is another women’s treasure. What am I on about I hear you ask … EBAY of course it is seriously the most untapped designer treasure chest I’ve ever come across … Here’s a couple of gems I came across for 1/10 of the the price.

These are authentic YSL normal €800 plus these were only €288 eh yes please Mr. eBay


My next find was this Louis Vuitton speedy 30 normally €500 this one was only €156.02 in perfect condition.

Lastly a pair of Gucci sunglasses normally €300 she’s only asking €90 .


The number one rule is all designer products come with authenticity cards and cloth bags to store them in. Ladies seriously get on to that google box and find that treasure.

With love
Couture Warrior x


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