I’ve got a clutch on it

It’s time to put away the oversized handbags and invest in a clutch….

Nothing says “Glamour” with your outfit like a good clutch. Alexander McQueen reintroduced us the the old classic a few years ago and for us oversized worshipers it was hard to comprehend heading out with such a minuscule bag, Where was I going to put the kitchen sink???

Well ladies like every trend that last longer then a wet weekend, we must embrace it. “It’s only a night out, 3 hours max, what would you need” I rationalise as I have an argument with myself (and yes I do argue with myself). But this is what it came down to, this made my outfit twice as glamorous and that’s all that matters.

Whether you want to blow your budget for the year or pick up one cheap because you haven’t quite given your heart to this trend… Here’s a few to get you in the right direction…

Mulberry… This is such a beautiful bag and I just love the rose gold detail.


This is Zara’s take on that infamous Alexander McQueen clutch that kicked off the frenzy. At only €59.95 it’s a steal.


And lastly I found this bargain on a website called Saturday night fashion.. As well as it being a clutch this little number is bang on trend with this skull…€24.64 BARGAIN ALERT!!


With love Couture Warrior x


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