Do you dare to bare

In a generation of scantily clothed women and girls who are just short of wearing nothing but the underwear on a night out , I wondered to myself when is enough enough. Gone is the day of elegance and less is more… I’ve always dressed by one golden rule that “it’s one or the other not both” by this i mean If I’ve a mini skirt on or a pair of shorts then cover up on top… Leave something to the imagination girls…

This brings me to my point, what is considered sexy these days? Personally I don’t think a pair of hot pants and a bra style top with bulging boobs is sexy it’s just plain nasty and all kinds of wrong… Lets bring it back to basics with what is “sexy” , for me it’s all about the back .. Yes that’s right “the back” with the right dress on any women’s back is beautiful and sends the imagination running wild ….


Here are some examples of what I mean about how you can wear this look some a little braver then other … Please remember if you have a larger bust that full front coverage with the sleeves best suits your shape we don’t want you spilling out now do we 😉

With Love Couture Warrior x


2 thoughts on “Do you dare to bare

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