Take a little time

“There are no ugly women in the world, just lazy ones” – Coco Chanel

It was like a light bulb went on when I read this quote. How right was this worldly women. These few words had broken down very simply the truth about women’s appearance and self worth. As a young women growing up it was in fact my father who thought and set high standards of my appearance. He always spoke of “we’ll groomed” women and may I point out at this stage I don’t mean a women caked in make-up over dressed(or under dressed) , this infact was a women a lady if you will whom took great pride her appearance.

The first simple rule that literally doesn’t cost a penny or even take up any of your time was well “groomed” hair this simply involved you brushing your hair and I don’t mean a quick sweep of a brush, really give your hair a thorough brush and always have a small brush in your bag to give yourself a quick going over before you get out of the car or on your lunch. Ladies you would be surprised the difference this makes to your appearance.

Olivia Palermo is a classic example. You should use her as a guide.



Secondly, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be presentable! Now bare with me, a lot of women think “oh your vain because you wear make-up all the time” ..ridiculous, it’s all about making the best you. But there is a fine balance between looking like Christina Aguilara in her music video “Dirty” and looking like Kate Middleton. Your essentials are mascara, lip balm and blush and an excellent foundation or tinted moisturiser. Again it’s all about enhancing yourself not disguising YOU.

Some of my favourite things….



If your not sure about fashion or clueless to picking out the clothes for yourself just remember to keep it simple and classic until you find your way to what looks good on you. I had two interesting conversations that always stuck with me one was with an impeccably dressed Polish girl and she couldn’t understand why so many women wore track suits and Uggs (and I don’t mean the proper ones I mean the smelly broken down falling apart) . The second came from my dad, when a boyfriend at the time when i was much younger was coming over and I was dressed in track suit or P.J’s bottoms, my dad pointed out to me that you should never let your standards slip. To be honest there was more to that conversation, it wasn’t as blunt as that.

Olivia Palermo keeps it simple in Zara and she looks magnificent. Easily achieved!!


And lastly, this is my own nugget, there is nothing worse the a girl/woman with chipped nail varnish. I do not expect you to go to a beautician every two weeks for Shellac nails. All it takes is every few days remove your polish of choice, file the imperfections (if any) and reapply carefully. This means beautiful well presented hands.


I have never forgotten these things, I live everyday this way and really can’t understand why every women doesn’t. No excuses ladies, a little care and love for yourself goes a long way to being the best you!

With Love Couture Warrior x


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