Recession proof

In these “tough times” it almost seems impossible to keep up with the fashionista … But this statement couldn’t be more false. Yes we can’t run into Louis Vouitton or Gucci and pick out a ready to wear ensemble those days are gone and I’m glad they are because now people are using there imaginations and are putting there personal touches to there outfits.

It has never been cooler to shop on the high street and more and more celebrities are doing so. This being said I do believe that the top high street brands did recognise the turning point in the global financial crash and saw this as an opportunity to restructure and relaunch there businesses.

Once upon a time it was only Alexander McQueen who had over elaborated shows at London Fashion Week, now we are seeing the likes of Topshop and H&M throwing equally respected shows which you most positively will see the gathering of the uber chic celebrities taking over the front rows, everyone from Ronnie Wood to Nicola Roberts attended the Topshop S/S 2013 show.

My two favourite ladies who know better then anyone how to make high street look impeccable are Nicola Roberts and the goddess of fashion Olivia Palermo. Quite frankly Olivia Palerma sky rocketed Zara’s reputation and sales when she was seen with Zara’s 2012 statement bag. It became one of the most sought after item’s of 2012 (as seen below).


Nicola Roberts has almost become joint poster girl with Olivia Palermo for Topshop, these girls know what works for them and make a €50 dress look like a €5000 D&G number.

So box up your fashion snobbery and join me in the new era of mixing and matching. There’s literally nothing more gratifying when someone “can’t believe it’s from River Island”, because you know you’ve mastered what most women only wish they could achieve.

Olivia in a Topshop jacket.


Nicole Ritchie attending H&M launch Gala.


With Love Couture Warrior x


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