Face fact !!

As we strive to having the perfect wardrobe and effortless chic it’s all irrelevant if at the age of 30 your face is weather beaten and with an endless count of wrinkles. Prevention is the key and if your at this crisis point it’s never to late to start. I started at the tender age of 18 and almost wished I had started earlier but the results are showing 10 years on and I still get asked for I.D when buying alcohol (legal age 18) so there was defiantly method behind my madness.

At the time I was shopping around for a new foundation and at such a young age I always knew how important it was to spend that bit extra on foundation as this was your face and skin that you can never change so you had to be kind to it. I found myself standing at the Bobbi Brown counter and was greeted by an absolutely fantastic girl who introduced me to “luminous moisturising foundation” This super-moisturizing formula gives skin a soft, healthy, even-toned glow as it helps reverse the visible signs of aging. Formulated with a natural collagen boosting, skin firming blend of Hexapeptides and Milk Thistle Extract. Softens fine lines and imperfections. Skin looks and feels refreshed, renewed and beautifully luminous. Offers medium-to-full coverage. For Normal to Dry Skins. (Sorry for getting scientific there but it’s so important to know what your dealing with). I remember thinking at the time “was I not too young to be using anti ageing products” ,apparently not because my skin is flawless.

After using this for about a year I wondered was my foundation sliding off my face. Yes was the answer because I wasn’t using the correct moisturiser. So back to the counter I went. I was introduced to the “vitamin enriched facebase” by Bobbi Brown. This changed my make up completely it was now perfectly even and lasting all day. My skin was thoroughly moisturised without being greasy, which is all cheap moisturiser do to your skin. My face was now getting the treatment it deserved and that’s what you have to tell yourself, your skin is for life we can’t throw a baggy top over it or a wig. There’s no hiding that beautiful face of yours as much as you think you can hide behind a thick cement layer of make up it just doesn’t work.

I have a great night time ritual that wont break the bank. After I remove my make up, I get a hot face cloth,open it out fully and press it onto my face making sure it covers my whole face and I can feel every pore tingle as they open underneath the heat, I repeat about 5 time just to be sure then splash with cold water and I pat dry. Now for my secret I get a big scoop of petroleum jelly or Vaseline as its so well known, and rub it on my whole eye area, all the way up to my brows including the brow itself and down under your eyes to cover “the bags” area, making sure my eyelashes are well covered too. To be honest I look really scary because of the thick layer but by the time I wake up in the morning it has all absorbed into my skin, eyelashes and eyebrows. This is great for strengthening the lashes and brows which helps them to grow and your also smoothing out those precious eyes of yours.


If you have a little extra to spend why not try Rosehip oil. It’s fantastic. Here’s a particularly good one made by Trilogy.

Don’t forget those luscious lips . I always make sure i keep them moisturised both throughout the day and at night with this amazing lip balm and its a bargain, winners all round.


On a last little note, if you have not already invested in a foundation brush I strongly recommend it. There are many benefits to it including even coverage but the most important one is it means your not dragging or pulling at the sensitive skin around your eyes.


After all is said (and there was a lot said) and done it is NEVER too early or too late to start taking care of your face, act now and you will reap the rewards in years to come.

With Love Couture Warrior x


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