London Fashion Week

What’s the difference between London Fashion Week and NewYork Fashion, well NewYork fashion week is all about the hard core fashionista’s where as London Fashion Week is all about the “cool kids” of fashion. LFW is not to be taken lightly it is the cutting edge of street style. One lady who recognised this and spoke about it openly was Rihanna when designing her collection for River Island. Her collection screamed Rihanna there was no denying this was her collection. My favourite part of the show besides the music was the foot wear, I can honestly say I would buy every single one. Never the less it will sell very well from the valour one peice to that black skirt with a slit ( it brings a new meaning to the slit ).


Burberry always knows its audience as it wowed London with its iconic collection .. God I just love there tench coats I don’t which colour to pick hmmm decisions decisions lol

Topshop can do no wrong, they are truly the king of street style and there front row read of a who’s who of “cool kids club”… All that aside it was a fantastic collection with every textile imaginable used. This is a brand that is taking no prisoners in it conquest of world domination ( in fashion ) and rightly so they are truly excelling with every season.


The collection that really gave me butterflies was Sass and Bide. They really brightened up my day literally. This playful collection was über chic to the end, and as for that pop of yellow I just adore it and pair it up with the amazing wide legged trousers I would be indestructible. I will defiantly be embracing both these trends for the fall.




There were so many looks,designers and shows,unfortunately I would be here all day boring you so I chose what impressed me the most.

With Love Couture Warrior x


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