Oscars 2013

The stars prepare there bodies months in advance for this night … While us mere mortals dive into our Christmas dinner these Hollywood Goddesses are starving themselves in perpetration for the Oscars. Award Season is merely practice for this grand event, anyone who is of importance is in attendance of the oscars. A list only but one D lister made it threw the crack and I would say she will be the last after she turned up in a SAGA style dress. The women in question was Brandi Glanville, “who?” I hear you ask, Brandi is a reality star from Beverly Hills real housewives. Brandi is getting an obscene amount af grief for her choice in dress but only has herself to blame as she designed it for her label Brandi B or as I like to call it bored housewife collection. Saying that for a women in her 40’s she looks incredible and she “wore” that dress the dress didn’t wear her. Congrats on that Brandi but you may have brought the tone of the Oscars down a little… Something tells me it will be the last time a NON A lister will receive an invite.
Brandi Glanville
(Brandi B)

Now lets get back to the real head turners (for the right reasons) of the night.
Anne Hathaway was every inch the Hollywood Star her hair and makeup was immaculate and the dress (prada) was beautiful maybe a little plain in the front and too much in the back but her hair and makeup was perfection that I completely over looked the dress.

What can I say about Sally Field this lady exudes sophistication. I find sometimes the more mature ladies at the Oscars tend to veer towards dresses more appropriate for the younger starlets. Sally got this look spot on and her hair complements this dress so well.
Sally Field
(Vintage Valentino)

Jennifer Chastain is on a roll this award season as she arrived in this Georgio Armani gown the only thing for me was she kind of looked like an Oscar herself. She needed a colour that wasn’t similar to her skin tone, but the cut was incredible.
Jennifer Chastain
(Georgio Armani)

The lady of the hour of course was Jennifer Lawerence. Jennifer will defiantly be remembered this award season first with her hem sliding up at the Golden Globes and just when she thought she had gotten past that as she went to recieve the Oscar for “Best Female” she fell going up the stairs.. Hey Jennifer we’ve all done this at some point maybe not in front of millions of viewers and anyway who cares you won an Oscar. Jennifer looked like a princess in her Dior gown she was exquisite and charming.
Jennifer Lawerence

And finally my “best dressed” was in fact my worst dressed last year. The reason I chose her as my best dressed because I feel she has come so far in the style stakes and the winner is Stacey Keibler. She looked amazing in this Naeem Khan dress she no longer looked like an L.A try-hard actually in fact she was a walking Oscar last year. There was just the right amount of sparkle to make her dazzle and the colour made her beautiful hazel eyes pop, her toned down tresses worked so well with this up do giving her a more starlet then scarlet look.
Stacey Keibler
(Naeem Khan)


With Love Couture Warrior x


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