Everything but the kitchen sink

Right so I’m off on my travels once again and I’m so excited. For most, you simply pack the day before and that’s that, but not me it takes serious planning. After weeks of coming up with ideas I set aside a whole day, a week in advance just to pack but its not just packing it’s a whole fashion show I put on (for my eyes only). I need to make sure the ideas in my head transfer into reality. It’s important I pick the right shoes and accessories because at the end of the day you are on the other side of the world and you can’t just rummage through your wardrobe if it doesn’t work together.

I decided Sunday was my best day to do this as I knew I wouldn’t have any distractions. I set my clothes in different piles, one for dresses, one for tops and so on. When I put it all out I was shocked at the amount I had been putting to one side over the last month and as for the shoes!! This was going to be a nightmare.



Where did I think I was going or who did I think I was with all these outfits. Those pictures are just the tip of the ice berg. “Right just get stuck in” I told myself. I wanted to start off with a positive note so I tried on this play suit I bought months ago that I was saving for this very occasion … Phew it was exactly how I imagined it. After 4 hours I managed to get through it all and I was now more excited then ever.
Play suit

Alexander McQueen customised top.

Stripe tights

Packing is always a nightmare especially for us fashionista’s but I find the trick is to make your different piles so you can see exactly what you have and then try them on with your choice of shoe because sometimes what looks amazing in our head is a train wreck in real life. Another little tip do it without hair or makeup done because if you look good in your outfit with out them done imagine what your going to look like when they are done. Lastly don’t stress, enjoy it, stick on some music make yourself a cup of tea and do what every girl loves to do and that’s dress up.

With Love Couture Warrior x


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