Wow Brow!!

Gone is the day when we waxed or tweezed the life out of our eyebrows so much so I recall girls having removed so much of their eyebrows that they would pencil them back in and I don’t mean the fine art they create today I mean one thin line where their eyebrow use to reside… Even back then that horrified me!

With natural beauty being pushed to the fore more and more the natural brow has taken on a life form of its own. Now be careful there’s a fine line between looking like Jack Nicolson and having a full natural brow. We have seen the fuller brow creep in for the last 5 years with more and more celebrities showcasing this trend, and when done correctly these well groomed brows have completely transformed the plainest of faces. Make it the feature of your face, draw the attention to your eyes, women’s eyes are the most intoxicating weapon she possess (use this to your full advantage).

The two ways of creating this brow is by going to the professionals that are qualified in HD Brows. This is a 7 step treatment that consists of shaping to tinting and they guarantee the perfect eyebrow and if not achieved first time because you have over waxed brows they have special ointment to help those bad boys grow so they have more to work with but be assured you will get that desired affect one way or another ….

Or if you don’t have the patients for all that or you just want those eyebrows at the weekend you can always opt for “Brows a go go” by Benefit Cosmetics, it’s basically the perfect eye brow in a kit, I am obsessed with this, you can create the perfect brow with two shades to choose from, a tweezer and a high lighter all for under €40!!

Whitney port has the perfect balance and colour for someone with fair hair.

Kim Kardashian has perfected this look.

Cara Delvinge is well known for her eyebrows.

When eyebrows go horribly wrong… Be careful not to go overboard.

With Love Couture Warrior x


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