Bikini ready

There’s one thing on all women’s mind this time of year and that’s getting “bikini ready”!!

Firstly I am not an expert but I can impart some wisdom that will help you achieve your goal….

Water….I can not emphasise the importance of drinking water, try at least 2L a day. A great tip is to drink a pint of water a half an hour before each meal.

Detox…. There are so many over the counter detox’s, don’t bother with them simple buy one lemon and one lime cut them in a half and squeeze them into 2L of water, it’s very bitter at the start but you quickly become used to it. This really flushes the system out, plus it’s great for your skin. I’m trying out a new one myself it’s lemon, mint leaves and and cucumber it’s my first day to try this so I can’t recommend this just yet.


Cut out any fizzy drinks and I mean completely stop, your guaranteed to shed a couple of lbs in a few weeks .. That means NO fizzy drinks!!

Squats… These are brilliant for the bum and legs break these up with front lunges and when you’ve finished that do sit ups. Every evening push yourself that bit further do a couple more every time. There are plenty of videos online to show you the correct way to do these. (I strongly advise you to watch these videos first if you have not done them before as posture and technique is important.) I don’t recommend you start running as fat tends to turn to muscle, so if you can power walk a couple times a week and if you can do more even better. I just downloaded an amazing app that I recommend you get, it’s called “map my run”, it’s well worth a try.

Replace sweets and crisps with fruit and nuts. I love to buy ready cut carrots and squeeze lemon juice over them, this is a fantastic tasty snack.

At the end of it all its only you who can make the sacrifice and put in the work and no one will be there to push, but ladies my god is it worth the pain when your strutting your stuff down the beach. I hope this helps you on your way to new lifestyle.

With Love Couture Warrior X


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