Lets make it simple

It’s all very over whelming this fashion malarkey, and where do you start!! I think we should take a step back from that clothes rail and let’s break it down a little bit.

I recently read Michael Kors saying “don’t put a round peg in a square hole” my version is not as forgiving as his, but either way he’s correct you HAVE to dress for your shape, embrace those curves, there sexy so work with them and just as importantly don’t be ashamed if you have what they call a boys shape it’s equally as beautiful. If you are having difficulty working out what works for your shape find a celebrity who has your shape and skin tone and work with what they are wearing after all there paying a stylist thousands to dress there shape.

When trying on something, always try on your size plus one size bigger and one size smaller as every fashion house cuts differently. This rule also applies to your bra, fortunately most good stores will have a lady at the ready to help measure you, take full advantage of this service ladies your bra can completely alter and enhance your shape.

Just because it is in fashion doesn’t necessarily mean its for you, so if it doesn’t work, back away slowly and nobody will get hurt.

As mentioned in a previous post if were showing leg cover the top half and if your sporting your new J Brand denims then wear that delicate top you’ve been dying to wear. Remember it’s one or the other NOT both.

When in doubt avoid big earrings or necklaces, there’s a fine line between stunning and trashy, opt for chunky rings or watches, these are much easier items to pull off.

And lastly, when in doubt keep it simple until you feel confident enough to get your styling on, and when you think ” it’s too hmmmm… Can’t put my finger on it” the answer to this question is Coco Chanel’s rule of thumb take off the last accessory you put on and then take a look at your ensemble, that always seems to work.

Shape guide


Celebrity shape guide


With Love Couture Warrior x


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