The coolest guy in town

It’s never been a better time to be a man, for years it wasn’t cool to be into fashion or simply what you wore and then when it was acceptable it was only celebrities or Premier league footballers who could afford the bill. Not anymore boys the rest of world has come to there senses, quite frankly it’s about time, I’m over looking at men that don’t take pride in there appearance just as much as I’m sick of looking at women who don’t make an effort really there’s no excuses!!

McQueen has really been a leader is this field and without fail this fashion house deliverers season after season.

Trademark skull appears in various ways through the collection.

Unfortunately not everyone can afford Alexander McQueen but there are so many other labels that have taken inspiration from the label or just simply are of similar style. Such label is All Saints, you simply can’t go wrong with everything from boots to shirts you can pull together your whole outfit from one shop, which I’m sure is music to most men’s ears as the thoughts of traipsing around shops (plural) is their worst nightmare.


If any of those pieces interest then you’ll love Bolongaro Trevor they have some amazing items, I highly recommend a visit to their site and the price tags won’t scare you too much either.



And lastly if graphic tees are your thing then pop over to Serge DeNimes this is a contemporary brand that has some seriously “cool” urban tee’s!!


Break out of your plain and mind numbingly boring attire, you never know you might actually like it.

With Love Couture Warrior x


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