Chaos to Couture

The theme for the Met Gala this year was genius “Punk: from chaos to couture” …. It’s all my favourite things rolled in to one, it should have been called the Sallyann theme, all I needed was my invite, it must have got lost in the post AGAIN!!

All joking aside like every Theme based event some people just wowed and others well frankly you would just be embarrassed to be in their company. Speaking of which … Ill start off with Madonna’s attire. Yes the 54 managed to stand out from the crowd again and that’s all I really have to say, I was always told if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all!

A lot and I mean a lot of people criticised Sarah Jessica Parker for her choice I’m not gonna lie I really like it, ok maybe conventionally you would not put this eclectic items together but hey I’m not conventional!! It was the definition of this theme word for word.


One lady who never fails me is Nicole Ritchie, she is epitome of fashion and by god this lady is hard core, she wowed everybody with her choice of hair which was accentuated by her dark lips absolutely fab!!

Another lady who really pleasantly surprised me was the beautiful Ann Hathaway with her platinum tresses.

Now to get back to what the ladies were actually wearing there are two last ladies that I loved, the first being Cara Delvingne which is not surprising this curl can do no wrong right now.

And lastly Sienna Miller was ever the Punk Queen in this beautiful white gown with this black leather studded jacket, she looked simply “cool”.

With Love Couture Warrior x


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