One for the boys!!

O.K I have had an ejection of men’s fashion and I’m loving it. I knew I was always into men’s fashion and now I feel like a junkie, I want to know more and more … A good friend of mine who is into his fashion majorly has been sending me links of London menswear and I can’t get enough he has opened my eyes to a whole new avenue that I never considered …. I’m in love, why oh why do men not use what is out there instead of the play it safe look… Saying that I do feel there is a fine line for both men and women when it comes to fashion… BE CAREFUL!!

It has never been cooler or easier for men to dress and dress well. Suits are a must, you must have at least one suit in your wardrobe, there is no negotiating this boys!!

Find what works for you, maybe your a more casual suit goer a button or two open on a well starched shirt but please remember your not John Travolta in “Saturday night fever”, I cringe at the thought already.


Or if its a full on black tie event just dive right in and work that tux like Sinatra’s son..

And maybe some day you might just find yourself being that bit more adventurous .. O.k a white tux doesn’t suit everyone, why not try a navy or a dark green, I promise you most certainly will turn heads and for all the right reasons.

Smart casual is really a lot of effort but we all pretend ” oh these old things I just threw them on”!
( yea right,who are you kidding) … Lets get to grips with the fact your not a teenager or student, your a grown man so lets start dressing that way.



So tell me do I still have your attention?? I’m sure I have frightened off the faint hearted which means your not ready to dress like a real man and hey that’s ok some day it will click with you that if its good enough for Justin Timberlake well baby it’s good enough for you.
I’m a realist too you need an everyday style and I just love how these boys can equally rock a pair of jeans or hoody just as slick as a tux.




It’s never been easier for a man to look smart, sexy and damn right shit hot in a suit, so boys don’t be afraid embrace it, I’ll be keeping a look out!!

With Love Couture Warrior x


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