It’s her turn to shine !!

We have been obsessed with the Kardashians since they burst onto screens back in 2007 not only were we fascinated by the fact they let us into their whole lives but the three sisters all had three completely different personalities. These were undeniably beautiful women, you have the sex bomb Kim, business savvy Kourtney with the body women would kill for and then there was Khloe who was wild and hilarious.

Khloe unfortunately has always gotten a rough ordeal because standing next to her 5 foot nothing sisters she towered over the girls and was always considered larger in every way because of this. She has lived in the shadow of the girls for years but no longer as we can see Kourtney who has toned down her look and become more mumsy so much so she no longer wears deodorant …. Yuck!! And then there’s Kim who had just had a baby with Kanye West which has taken her off the radar which I’m delighted with because Kim’s choice in fashion is frankly too boring for me.

Khloe openly struggled with her image for many years but just like a caterpillar she has turned into a butterfly right in front of our eyes. It’s finally Khloe’s turn to shine and I genuinely believe she deserves it she looks absolutely incredible and I’m loving the image she has created for herself she looks extremely comfortable and at one with it. So just shows you, you should never disregard the funny sister because she will come into her own and will end up being better looking then all of them because of her personality that goes with the looks and killer body….

Just some of my fav looks of khloe this year













With Love Couture Warrior x


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