Sex and the city

In 1998 everything was about to change for women and they didn’t know, in fact it wasn’t till the naughty’s that the impact and change occurred. Going by my blatantly obvious header, this could only mean one thing I am talking about the revolution that was “Sex and the City”.


I really don’t think Michael Patrick King realised that on the 6th of June 1998 life would change and once this train took off he would have to hold on tight because after an astonishing 94 episodes Sex and the City was still at the top of its game…. Enter the movie and not just one but two!! A lot of critics jumped at the chance to knock both movies but they were missing the point and I can confidently say that if they made a third I would with out question watch and why some might ask …. Fashion of course!!

When these women first popped onto our screen it wasn’t all about fashion, it was about 4 women trying to survive in the jungle that is NewYork. All four women were completely different which meant all women could identify with at least one character, and more then likely they had a charolette or a Samantha as a best friend, there was a perfect mixture to identify and relate to these women. Equally as important as their personalities was the issues and dilemmas they faced, these were and are issues we all face as women over your mid to late twenties and were too proud to talk about. NO MORE, we now didn’t feel alone with our search for love and all the break ups and horrid dating stories became humorous because we thought it was only happening to us.

Then came the injection of fashion, thank to one woman life as I knew it would change forever and her name was Patricia Fields. All I can say is I hope Manolo Blahnik thanked her in more ways then one. Every women had to have what Carrie wore or maybe that was just me but defiantly wanted the wardrobe of the character they most related to.
Patricia on set with Sarah…..

Like any woman we see all 4 ladies evolve and grow with the times and looking back at some of the earlier episodes some of the 90’s fashion was so cringe worthy but the majority of the time they were in a league of their own. Some pieces stick in my mind like the Gucci bag that Carrie wore around her waste with the pencil skirt and crop top or the whit gown she wore when Aidan and her broke up these moment still inspire me when I am styling myself or someone else and in fact not too long ago used Carrie in the white gown with that fabulous up do as inspiration while styling my sister for a wedding.

When it came to the great and not so great loves in their lives they had it all covered, we grew from their mistakes or when we fell into the same traps we could see that we weren’t the only one to make these stupid mistakes time and time again, I identified with having the “Mr. Big” in my life that that you just have just walked away from but the moment he went to Paris and said “Carrie your the one, you have always been the one” it not only gave me hope but all woman across the world. But Carrie was not the only character to change women’s thinking and quite frankly it was the signal most important advice all women should be told ” he’s just not that into you”….. Huh, that makes total sense, and its not supposed to be hurtful it’s just life think about it your just not into some guys and that doesn’t make you a bad person it’s just life.

Then there was Samantha, the great comic relief we all needed and also the character that liberated so many of us. Samantha wanted for nothing she was extremely successful, attractive hugely independent and was sex mad !! Not only did this bring great humour to us but she brought us into a new era of women.

Samantha thought us all that there was nothing to be ashamed of being single and loving it, and the older she got the more she embraced it with her outrageous behaviour from being caught on the red carpet with Miley Cyrus (a girl young enough to be her daughter) in the exact same dress to buying a back massager as a vibrator, this woman was a breath of fresh air we all needed.

There was nothing these women hadn’t covered everything from being stood up to battling cancer and all with a pair on Manolo Blahnik’s on. This is why it is and will always be my generations favourite show we learnt how to be ourselves and to embrace friendships and love and most importantly it thought us to dress like women. Gone is the day of hair in a scrunchy or throwing on a pair of track suit bottoms if I am going to take on the world I’m going to do it with killer heels and a killer smile.


Sometimes just sometimes a little magic happens and ends up changing the course of all our lives and Sex and the City was one of those things, if it wasn’t for it who know how women would dress and think today.

With Love Couture Warrior x


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