Waterproof Makeup

I love nothing more then to look back on holiday photos, remembering the pool parties or the fun on the beach but then comes the dreaded no makeup photos and yes a lot would argue you don’t need anything your holidays… I personally like to look my best at all times and I won’t apologise for that and I know I’m not the only one out there. Now before you think I’m a complete vainer I’m not talking about a full face of makeup I’m on about subtle things like cheek sheen and mascara and maybe a touch of liquid eye liner just to make my eyes pop.

To my delight Makeup Forever have launched a “aqua” range which is ideal for for holidays, festival and photos shoots because of its durability.

Because its marketed as a holiday make-up there are a lot of bright eye shadow colours as well as liquid liners. Personally I’m not a fan of these bright colours but if that’s your style then there is plenty to choose from.

The the pearl and bronze creams can be used as a cheek high lighter or you can even apply a small amount of the lighter shades on your collar bone area, on your shoulders and on your legs but like I said small amounts and rub it well in.


To give your eyes more definition you can use the aqua smoky mascara along with the eyeliner. Don’t be afraid to dive right it the pool, it ain’t moving anywhere.

Lastly the best product out of the aqua range is the mix and fix, if your not bothered about any of the other product this is a must for the simple reason once you apply your regular make whether it be for a night out or even a festival give a light spray over you face and it will keep your make-up in place. This is a real favourite for professionals on photo-shoots as you do not require as many touch ups. I always love it when I hear professional make-up artists use a product!!

So I hear you ask how do you remove these product, any oil based make-up remover and any good eye make-up remover.

With Love Couture Warrior x


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