Trend Alert!!

When I saw Poppy Delevigne at Glastonbury with blue mirrored Ray Bans I just had to have them. As it turns out I’m not the only one who wanted to jump on the “Trend” band wagon, everyone from Ronnie Wood to Hilary Duff have been sporting the various coloured Ray bans.


<img src="http://couturewarrior.files.wordpress.

They come in both classic Ray Ban style and aviator which you can see on both myself and Hilary Duff. They have a wide range of colours including red, blue, green and for the more modest individual they also come in gold and silver… I love all of them!!


Lovers of this trend is the is my favourite rock star Ronnie Wood and the ever so stylish Poppy Delevigne. These are such a fun way to jazz up an outfit or maybe you want to be über cool lying on the beach either way I recommend you snatch yourself up a pair.

With Love Couture Warrior X


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