Golden Globes 2014

There were some amazing dresses at last night Golden Globes but I think I’ll start with my best dressed gent of the evening and it goes to Mathew McConaughy … I just adore this green velvet blazer by Dolce and Gabbana

I’m going to be cut throat and get straight to the point my worst dressed was Sandra Bullock I just think the shape and the colouring are all wrong I’m disappointed and surprised by her.

It was hard to pick just one best dressed so I have broken them down into sub categories ….
For the best no traditional dress has to go to Emma Watson in her Dior creation I just loved this it suited her slight frame I don’t know if someone older could pull this off .. She was certainly in my top two best dressed



Best old Hollywood Glamour went to Sofia Vergara.. She makes me swoon in this Zac Posen gown, what really makes this dress stand out is this turquoise necklace



Best Pregnant actress goes to Olivia Wide.. She proved that you can still look stunning even when your heavily pregnant, i love theirs shade of green used in this Gucci gown.


The most daring goes to Paula Patton in the Stephane Rolland gown. She was defiantly taking a risk but it works.

Lastly I called this category best new comer as I have never spoken abot Lupita Nyong’o before but wow this Ralph Lauren gown with Cape was stunning and the red is amazing on her skin tone she looked every inch the Holllywood star I have a feeling I will be mentioning again over the award season

Oh I almost forgot to mention best singer went to the immaculate Taylor Swift

With Love Couture Warrior


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