My little bag of goodies!!

Ever wonder what I keep in my makeup bag or what my favourite cosmetics are well let me show what’s inside my illumines yellow Juicy Couture makeup bag …

I’m the kind of girl that prepares for any situation hence why my handbags so big you just never know….
I’ll start off with my eye cream and moisturiser/face base
The eye cream is amazing it’s by Yves Saint Laurent when you start to get that bit older you develop dark circles under your eyes and not to mention the wrinkles this did wonders for them.
My choice of moisturiser is by Bobbi Brown it’s also a face base for my my Bobbi Brown foundation it holds it in place but my skin feels amazing

Which leads me onto my foundation as I mentioned it’s Bobbi Brown it’s their luminous moisterizing treatment I just adore this I went three months without this and my skin was dull and in poor condition in comparison to its usual state

This mascara is brilliant I did a review on it before the summer and just to show you I don’t just randomly talk about things I recommend product I truly believe in and use myself

I don’t have much of a brow so I shape them with this eyebrow fix I bought from H&M and when I’m looking for a distinct brow I use Brow-Zing by Benefit


I don’t like a heavy eye shadow for during the week but I picked up this fab little pallet from H&M you can tell which I use the most …

When I’m looking for a more distinct eye shadow I use these pots from Jack Wills.. I came across these 2 years ago and I just love them that I stocked up just incase ..

My bronzer is by MAC I use the Refined Golden it has a bit of sparkle and life to it I fined the other can be a bit flat and dull, I apply with a soft hair brush …

I’m not a huge Lipstick girl I’m more a gloss kinda gal but when I do I wear Kate Moss for Rimmel number 1 (red) or Gosh Darling (134)


As I mentioned before I am a just incase girl so I never leave home without my eyelash curler, tweezer or eyelash glue and by the way this is by far the best eyelash glue on the market …

I s

This is my best friend … Studio finish concealer

I think it is so important to look after your face and use good quality products where you can …

With Love Couture Warrior x


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