The conscious beginning ….

It is by far the greatest “High Street” creation. Yes I just made that statement ad why not, in just two days time (10th April) H&M launch their Spring/Summer Conscious Collection and mark my words the fashionistas will be lining up down the street to get their hands on this collection and the exclusivity by only launching it in 150 stores WORLDWIDE makes this an even more desirable collection (kudos to brain child behind that idea).

The collection is being Modelled by Amber Valetta and this is a partnership well worth talking about as not only is she an “Eco Warrior” herself but it’s as if they designed this collection for her. Also modelling the collection is the co founder of Ever Manifesto Elizabeth Von Guttmann and Alexia Niedzielski.

If you don’t believe me here is just some of the collection.










What makes this collection so amazing is the material is either 100% organic or are from sustainable sources. Is this the beginning of a fashion revolution?

With Love Couture Warriorx


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