The Birthday Girl

She’s a designer, she’s a wife, she’s a mum and she’s just turned 40. Her name is Victoria Beckham but when she first came to our attention she was ultimately known as “Posh Spice”… When I used to sing into the mirror holding my brush for a microphone I was always Posh Spice.
Victoria soon met the love of her life David and honestly I don’t think anyone including themselves envisaged the power house couple/brand that they would become. After the Spice we started to see Victoria’s love for fashion and looking back whether we laugh at some of the looks she was ahead of the posy. It was only in the mid naughties that brand Beckham started to come into it’s own with their own perfume and many endorsement deals under their belts it was only the beginning for Mrs. Beckhams dream of becoming the fashionista she had always dreamed of becoming.20140417-123759.jpg20140417-123842.jpg20140417-123856.jpg
David might have been a master of the pitch but make no mistake Victoria was the driving force and mastermind behind the brand Beckham.

Despite all the doubters she did it she has managed not only to be the most sought after individual to photograph and can only be described as the queen of the front cover of many of the big wigs such as Vogue and Elle to name but a few but she has become a respected designer and has been welcomed into the inner circle of high end designers which is not to be taken lightly this in it’s own right is a huge achievement which most can never achieve in their life time.

She is still one of my favourite style icons and like a fine wine she has gotten better with age. Here’s to another fabulous 40 years Victoria!!!

Some of my favourite shots of Victoria… 20140417-125834.jpg20140417-125845.jpg20140417-130006.jpg











With Love Couture Warrior x


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