The Met Gala 2014

I don’t know maybe when I heard it was a “White Tie” dress code I set the standard too high. But I was horrified by the amount of thigh high boots hoop earring crotch showing outfits I saw. Never the less there is one designer who not only had a beauty on her arm to showcase her designs she had a team … Forget “Charlie’s Angels” these were “Stella’s Angels”





Stella McCarthy was not the only one who had a bevy of beauties teaming up together for your brand Topshop too had the same idea one these so hot right now models and yes that’s Kendall Kenner making her debut at a Met Gala.

There were defiantly a few ladies who proudly walked the red carpet by themselves and the certainly didn’t need anyone on their arm.

SJP certainly lived up to the Fashionista crown when she wowed in this Oscar de la Renta gown.

The “Sheezus” record maker Lilly Allen looked stunning but mostly I loved her hair that messy braid was beautiful with her clean fresh make-up she certainly got a thumbs up from me.


But there was model that was a pleasant surprise to me and that was Bradley Coopers beautiful girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. Surprisingly she didn’t need to arrive with her man as she took centre stage with the playfulness of the fabric draws your eyes in for all the right reasons.


I’m sorry to have to do this but I am going to dedicate the rest of this post to “the couples” of 2014 Met Gala, this is certainly the year of the gentleman and it is so refreshing to see these real men take great pride in taking care of the loves of their lives and showing the rest of the boys out there how real men behave.





There is a distinct top three not only because they made me smile but their fashion on both sides got a ten out of ten from me … And in third place Sean Penn and the most elegant Charlize Theron ..

Second was Jonny Depp and his mesmerising fiancé Amber Heard really impressed me with their vintage formal style


And my winner of the evening, some may call in predictable and boring I call it elegant, sophisticated and timeless and if I look half as good as her at 40 with a true gentleman at my arm I would be an extremely lucky lady, take note readers this is the first and last time I will get all mushy and lovey dovey so enjoy….



With Love Couture Warrior x


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