Look du Jour

Sometimes there’s no need to shop for a new out, today’s Look du Jour is all about “recycling”. The dress I wore today was a complete steel, I found this amazing boutique in Camden Market and I bought this about 5 years ago I just love it, I literally only ever wore it once and hung it up and said “I’ll see you later” because it’s a timeless piece but it’s a dress that stands out so I’ve been very choosy about the occasion to pull it out about and today was that day. The shoes are also an oldy but a goody I bought these black patient leather brogues these are to die for there so comfy and they are amazing looking win win!!









As you can see the neck is high and is very busy so I would always recommend wearing your hair up as it elongates your necks because high necklines with long big hair tend to shrink your neck which widens your face.

Have a lovely weekend,
With Love Couture Warrior x


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