Ripped Denim.

Get the cheese grater at the ready!! My pick for this month is ripped denim jeans. This trend is so easy to wear and extremely affordable too because all you need is an old pair of jean, a scissors and a cheese grater to give your rip the frayed look. Or if this sounds like too much work you can just treat yourself to those Bootylicious pair you saw on the high street. The great thing about this look is that it is essentially a pair of jeans so it can be dressed up or down. For that day time look a cute pair of pumps will really complement your jeans and for the girl on the go a pair of low sitting converse are ideal.20140527-100903-36543672.jpg

If your the kind of women who likes a bit of height during the day or else you want a night time look, I suggest that you don’t wear chunky or platform shoes, strappy light shoes are defiantly the way to go.





<img src="https://couturewarrior.
I guess all that is left to decide is how much you want much or how little your jeans will be ripped here are some different variations of this look.






With Love Couture Warrior x


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