Ladies day Etiquette….

With the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby sat approaching I thought I would share some tips on the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Ladies Day at such a high profile “Classic” race meeting.

The Irish Derby is one of the many race meetings I attend annually as I grew up in the industry it is very normal for me with that said I clearly understand the dress code at such meetings, which I find some younger girl dress as if they are in a nightclub and some ladies are convinced that if they put on a hat or a Fascinator with any old dress that this constitutes as the proper attire. I’d also like to add that I have gotten it wrong on occasions too, but we live and we learn.

Funnily enough doing research for this piece I come across very few photos of ladies in the correct attire but mostly came across women with skirts too short, belly tops, boobs literally hanging out and lastly the amount of drunken photos was disgraceful and I would like to clarify these photos are of grown women either falling, getting sick or are being thrown out of the race coarse for their behaviour. (I want to clarify that as I enjoy the social side of Ladies day and I will be having a few glasses of Champaign I am talking about the extreme end of drunkenness)

With that out of the way I have two rules.
1: Keep it simple, this is probably easier said then done but I find that a simply cut on a dress is always pleasing or if it is a fussy style to keep it one block colour, less is more. The same rule applies to wearing a hat there I actually nothing worse then seeing those stupid self made hats, they are just ridiculous and are far from appropriate so don’t do it.








2: Would Kate wear it: My rule of thumb for Ladies day is “would Kate Middleton wear this ensemble”. The likes of the Irish Derby is the one day that you channel your inner Lady, I am not saying you must be boring far from it you can have an amazing time just do it with some class. Kate is one Lady who knows how to put rule number 1 into play.





I do admit I am a little harsh in this post but I don’t understand why I came across such shocking behaviour and attire, my point being you wouldn’t turn up to a black tie event in a belly top, similar etiquette apply for Classic meetings such as The Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby and Royal Ascot.

With Love Couture Warrior x


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