Roz Purcell for Newbridge Silverware

This is truly the campaign to beat all campaign. I have been waiting all year for an Irish editorial or campaign to blow me away and this supposed controversial one has. But firstly let me just say I’m appalled and shocked that someone complained about this campaign. Roz Purcell one of Ireland’s top models looks incredible and this is by far the best campaign Newbridge Silverware has done and in fact I would go so far as to say it’s the best Irish campaign I have seen. You would think in 2014 that certain individuals would keep their small mindedness to themselves. I have seen some shocking editorials that were too sexual bordering on pornographic but this campaign is neither so shame on that person for being small minded. But like all good things they have done Newbridge Silverware a favour as their site crashed because they had so many people viewing their website and even better they have sold out in the complete range!! This is a fantastic ending to a ridiculous incident… By the way check out Roz in these photos, what a stunner!!







Oh and by the way the jewellery is well worth all the talk, I’m loving everything !!

With Love Couture Warrior x


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