Choosing my outfit for the Awards!!

Like every girl out there I love nothing more then an excuse to get all dolled up, but this girl tends to get over excited which always leads to me having a little chat with myself and saying “ok calm down” because if I don’t I could end up wearing a gown fit for the Oscars and with the dress code being “cocktail attire” that would be slightly embarrassing.

With 2 weeks to go I decided to throw a toner on my hair which I occasionally do because my hair gets too bright but this time it didn’t go to plan!! Oh crap my hair is dark brown with a hint of grey!! What in gods name have I done? So I didn’t panic I left it and spent the rest of the week washing my hair with washing up liquid yes washing up liquid it strips colour.

But we won’t get too hung up on that I’m sure with a week left I’ll think of something without destroying my hair.

I tried on 25 dresses, yes 25 dresses but I found the “one”!!!

I will give you a sneak peek into some of the dresses I have tried on but I will save the finally ensemble for the night.









I will reveal my look next week….

With Love Couture Warrior x


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