Best Brush Ever!!!

Recommendation time …. Being blonde I find my hair gets very knotty ( highlighting tends to dry out your hair) most mornings I wake up like a scare crow!! This can’t be helped but I have the perfect brush to comb out your hair easily and without breaking your precious hair. This magic brush is called the Tangle Teezer. Ok ok I know this was probably designed for children but I swear by it and with it being so compact it’s perfect to throw in your bag well that’s if you carry a large bag around like I do still it’s brilliant for dry or wet hair. These are available at Boots and Petermark salons.

With Love Couture Warrior x


2 thoughts on “Best Brush Ever!!!

  1. Oh my God, I bought one of these on the recommendation of my hairdresser as my hair is curly and dry and I have major breakage issues at the front. I literally can’t believe how good this brush is!!! It not only get my morning dreadlocks out with ease it also makes my curls much more defined. I. Am. In. Love… (love the blog fyi)


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