Trend alert!!

Yesterday one of girls I work with asked me my opinion on the new hair trend “The Hun”. If I’m honest I told her I didn’t really have an opinion, and then I asked myself why don’t you have an opinion and that’s simply because I’ve never worn it. You know where this is going … Today I went out with my hair in “Th Hun” and I have to admit I loved it. Let me explain before you laugh or judge, when I’m working I hate my hair getting in my face and I get too hot with it down, and on my days off I love making an effort but when I’m running around I would rather just throw it up too. This is the perfect alternative!!

We’re seeing a lot of celebrities trying it out with their own takes, play around with it see what suits you best, this is my take on it.

Do you think you will be wearing this latest trend?
With Love Couture Warrior x


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