The September Issue

In light of Beyonće’s Vogue cover being released, it made me realise that although us in the know understand the importance of being the cover girl for the September issue, I thought I would share this with you guys.

The September issue has always been the most anticipated issue which also sells the most copies and your probably going to notice now that there are more pages this goes for every publishing house in the fashion industry including Vogue and here’s why. 

September is considered the changing of the seasons or is simple terms the changing of your wardrobe where we go from spring summer dresses to autumn winter woollies.

Historically women view September as the time to change and the time to re-invent ourselves this of course stems from us going back to school after being away from all the hot guys and thinking this is going to be my year!! We are creatures of habit nothing has changed!! 
The magazines are acutely aware of this plus the launch of ALL the auntmn winter collections so all the extra pages are the new campaigns. This is why to be the September cover girl is a huge deal. 

Let’s have a look at Queen B… 

Is there nothing this woman can not do she has to be the best role model of this generation!
With Love Couture Warrior x


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