It’s nice to be nice!!

As I was hard at work all week I spent the day running errands, and just as I was hitting a slump (lets face it I should have been catching up on sleep) I decided I needed my caffeine injection so off I trotted to Costa Coffee to get my fave coffee cooler or if your a Starbucks lover its a Frappuccino ( I normally drink Starbucks but I prefer the Frappuccino from Costa its creamier ….. oh wow what a coffee rant sorry about that!!

so back to my story as I was queuing for my Frappuccino this much older lady came up to me and I thought she was going to ask me to move so she could reach the sandwiches or directions to the toilet, she said ” do you mid me asking you where you got your sunglasses” I was truly shocked, I answered and slightly embarrassed to say they were Prada as I know our generation are extremely frivolous, but again she shocked me by turning to her friend and saying ” Bridie I told you” and she turned to me “they are just beautiful they really are I thought to myself I bet she got them in London”. needless to say she put a big smile on my face and I thanked her for her complement and she walked away with “Bridie” talking about them. and I just thought in that moment this is why I love doing what I am doing if a lady in her 70’s complements me then I am on to a winner and plus her random act of niceness restored my faith in the world. Lesson of the day pay people complement if you love what they are wearing they will feel so good about themselves.

These were the Prada sunglasses in question :)
These were the Prada sunglasses in question 🙂

Have a fab night guys and dolls….

With Love Couture Warrior x


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