And so it Begins NYFW!!                      May at I introduce to you Marissa Webb.

New York fashion week is just so exciting for me as some of my favourite designers show case their collections here and the street style at #NYFW is my style so what’s not to love.

Normally I would be reporting on the Givenchy show today ( and don’t get me wrong I adored the show), but I figured everyone would be talking about I want to share a collection I instantly wanted all of it and let’s face it this is a RARE creature!!

May I introduce Marissa Webb. 

“Marissa has continued to employ a playful feminine elegance with a cool masculine edge in her subsequent collections. Each collection is created to appeal to the woman who appreciates timeless fashion but maintains the confidence to incorporate contrasting and unexpected pieces.”



This collection is extremely feminine and yet has a hint of playfulness and a dash of sexiness with the sheer fabrics showing off the important parts 😉

The colour palette is light and airy and yet bold and deep, that are sublime with with the variety of fabrics.

Let’s take a closer look at the details ….. Over exaggerated side partings are going to be back in (YAY!!) but what is going to be huge are thes fringed stilettos!!! 👍🏼 
I hope you enjoyed this collection as much as I did!
With Love Couture Warrior x


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