Chanel Airlines ✈️

Karl Largerfeld has out done himself with a spectacular show at Paris Fashion Week. Always wonder how he can top his previous theatrical shows and once again I am so envious of everyone who got to witness the grandeur of this show.

This shows theme was of course an airline because why wouldn’t it be 😂



Chanel Airlines had everything from trolleys, boarding passes and of course an actual plane.
And the guests themselves didn’t disappoint.

Ok ok let me say something about the collection after all that’s what I’m supposed to be doing. Well let me be frank I truly believe that we are starting to really see Karl come into his own although he is staying true to the essence of Chanel you are starting to see his personality and I welcome it with open arms.

And as always no stone is left unturned, the accessories are incredible and certainly on theme.

Chanel is fast let becoming my favourite Label over McQueen and that’s hard for me to say ☺️
With Love Couture Warrior x



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