Storage revelation!

In an era of contouring, illuminating and a thousand different brushes to apply your makeup brushes. What we can do with makeup is endless and we have never been so confident to experiment with looks that only MUA could achieve. With that been said, what in gods name do we do with it all!! No makeup bag can hold it all and let’s face it, we all invest FAR too much money in these must have coveted items so would you just throw it all into a germ infested bag.

Well the answer has been knocking around for a few years and I finally gave in and I can honestly say it’s the best money I have ever spent! Are you any closer to guessing what it is I am talking about? Why don’t I just show you ….

Yes it is the clear drawer makeup box! I have to say my beauty régime has become so much easier, I can now find everything in half the time and the fact there is a few compartments each drawer is dedicated to a particular are such as lips, in my lips compartment is lipstick, lipgloss and lip liner. Genius!! Isn’t amazing how something so simple is SO affective. 


Wondering what you would like to put on your list for Santa Clause? I highly recommend one of these.
Happy organising 😉

With Love Couture Warrior x   


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