Victoria Secret ’15

Butterflies, winter wonderland, fireworks and a bra worth $2 million this is just the scene from last nights show. 
This is by far the funniest show we get to see but the Angels themselves are the thoroughbreds of the industry. These aren’t your everyday run of the mill models these are Angels!! Sorry that was really corny of me. But this elite team welcomed two newbies into the family. Kendall and Gigi were clearly ecstatic with their new contract and pulled out all the stops in preparation for the show and let’s face it you expect nothing less as these are still the new kids on the block and it’s the highest honour to become an Angel.  

There was no shortage of entertainment between the different themes and not 1 but 3 individual singers taking to the stage. Ellie Goulding, Selina Gomez and the Weekend.

This show always gets a huge celebrity audience as it’s fun, sexy and a bloody good time as fashion shows go.

I always wondered how they finalise the themes is it case of having so many and having to make a vote on it or is it becoming more difficult to come up with new ideas.

And then came the highest of honours amongst these Angels Lily Aldridge was the chosen model wear the bra worth $2million. You know you’ve made it when bra is worth more then your house! 

Until next year VS 😘
With Love Couture Warrior x


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