New Hair πŸ’• (recommendation time)

I am so excited to share this with you as I was I need of some serious hair TLC (You will see later) so I took my tiny bum up to Lyndsey in the Style Club Tallaght. Can I say I was shocked with the finish product 😍! 

If I can give you a slight hair history of mine,I have worn various (meaning a lot) of extensions in my time and they have been hard work and hard on my hair, even getting a nights sleep was an ordeal. So when I heard about the Style Club using “Rapture” tape extensions I was intrigued but honestly didn’t know if me or my hair was up to it.

After Lyndsey assessed my hair she sat with me and explained how they work and the upkeep of them, I then knew I wanted them. She carefully chose a matching colour and I was delighted with the time she spent making sure it would be perfect because I have seen and been the person who’s extensions have not matched up.

The process itself was so quick. The application was over an hour but less then two for the finishing product, and for someone who doesn’t have the luxury of time this was ideal.

Let me share the before pictures, I knew my hair had deteriorated but I didn’t realise how bad and it was upsetting to see…

But let’s not get bogged down by the boo hoo’s!

It’s time to show you the final result …….


How natural do they look! I think a lot of people get turned off by the idea of getting extension because they don’t want to look like a drag queen (which I often look like), but this is answer you have been looking for.

Rapture extensions are extremely comfortable you wouldn’t even know you’re wearing them and I slept so well that night. As you have to wait 48hrs before washing your hair I was intrigued to see I would cope with washing and drying them and it was so easy once you stick to the advise from your stylist on the best way to care for them. 
A big thank you to Lyndsey in the Style Club in Tallght, she’s made me one happy lady.
With Love Couture warrior x


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