Never doubt Vogue 

It has been talked about all over the world and I am still laughing about it! I am of course on about Victoria Beckhams Vogue China photo shoot. 

People let me break this down for you Vogue is the holy grail of fashion there is no possible way that they would ever let an image be released that had such an epic fail as missing part of a leg from photo shopping!

Editor-in-chief Angelica Cheung has finally broken her silence and has confirmed that it is a raw image and what we are seeing is the white from her underwear! She did continue by saying yes there is airbrushing but this is a raw image. Can I just add that before you think “ah ha she did have something done” we are all insecure women who add filters all the time to our photos and if you are in Vogue be sure ALL of us would want a little touch up by the gods in Vogue!!
She looks so beautiful in these playful shots.
With Love Couture Warrior x



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