Tan removal!!

We all want to have that exotic sun kissed skin and unless you live in a country that has sun beaming for 52 weeks of the year we all look to the bottle for the answer. The fact of the matter is it looks great for a day, 2 days max and then the dreaded lizard skin takes over. The horror!! 

This is the on going battle in my head I always want that radiant look but I dread trying to get it off and it takes days to get my pasty skin back to its original state. I do however have a routine on how to get the majority off, I soak in a bath and when my skin is soft enough I use a dry brush (wet with plenty of shower gel) and I scrub until my skin is red raw!! It’s not a pretty sight 😂
I was in Debenhams a couple of weeks ago and in the fake tan section I came across this St. Tropez tan build up remover mit. At this stage I’ll try anything I mean what harm if it doesn’t work it will be another gymic I’ll put into my drawer, Right …. No wrong it actual works!!

I brought it into the shower with me and took one look at my wrists in disgust, so I went at it and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I rubbed in a circular motion hoping for the best, I didn’t have much time so thought that will do and I’ll go at it again tonight. When I was drying myself I couldn’t believe it my tan was all gone 😍!!

Make sure to give it a good rinse when your finished and leave it to hang dry.

Worth every penny 👍🏼
With Love Couture Warrior x


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