Not everyone is bikini confident !!

Let’s be honest Victoria secret models are mythical creatures who  spend their free time prouncing around Coachella in Daisy Dukes and on yachts in the south of France with their rock solid bodies.
We are real women with giggly bums and boobs, so we don’t exactly jump for joy when someone asks us to get into bikinis. Quite frankly my 31 yr old cellulite ass would cringe right now if I had to get into a bikini! But why should we run from it we are women! We are beautiful! 

In an age where we grew up believing Marilyn Monroe was a goddess why shouldn’t we think we too are goddesses. But until we overcome that immense fear we have one pieces!!!
Yes I said it ” one piece”!!! It’s no longer considered fuddy fuddy to wear one pieces and let me show you just some of the most incredible versions out there….

These will sinch that stomach right in a flatter the smallest part of your body your waist.
If you can’t quite get your head around wearing a one piece why not try high waisted bottoms it has the same effect as the one piece…

I want you all to know every woman and I mean every woman has something they don’t like about themselves. I have the exact same problem as Victoria Beckham, yes we are small woman but we have the dreaded “cellulite” on our legs. What a filthy word!!
So please don’t think “oh I couldn’t wear that”, because yea you can and you will rock it!! Why because beauty is from within and I learnt this as the older and happier I have gotten the better I look!! Honestly I look younger now at 31 then I did at 25!! beauty is from within😘

With Love Couture Warrior x


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