Victoria Secret show 2016

The class of 2016 has had their moment and let me just say was it a moment to witness. I hate to say this but it’s time the veterans step to one side and let this breed of supermodel take over as angels as they proved they were heavy weight contenders in Paris today.

One newbie made her mark and that was Bella Hadid not only was this her first time but she and ex-boyfriend put all of us to shame and showed us how we should behave with our ex.

Not to take from her moment one bit!! She was a sensation and deserved her place on the show.

She was I good company as she got to share this with her sister Gigi and friend Kendall who were appearing for the second time which was incredibly evident as this duo were at home on the catwalk and any signs of nerves we might have seen the last time we’re completely gone.

Ever wanted to know what 2.4million would look like if it was a bra….

The emerald 2.4 million bra was worn by Jasmine Tookes weighed more then a staggering 450 carats.

This year was far superior than last years offering with out question!!!

Oh to be part of this squad 😍
With Love Couture Warrior x


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