Coconut Oil

It is becoming increasingly popular to cook with but coconut oil has become my go to beauty product.
Yes that’s correct beauty product! Every week after my detox bath where I exfoliate the world away I love nothing more than getting out my jar of coconut oil and literally rubbing it all over my body and really working it in as this is an amazing moisturiser that really penetrates deep into the skin. I especially find during the winter month with the harsh weather I get dry patches that exfoliating and normal moisturiser don’t seem to help, the coconut oil has almost immediate results.
Which leads me to my next use and that is a night cream. I first started using it once a week as an over night treatment but I am now using it every night and it is giving my skin the hydration it requires this time of year. My skin is not dry but I find my skin looks aged after a weekend of champagne and cocktails, you know what I’m talking about. Well I used it every night over the Christmas period and my usual dehydrated skin was supple. Quite frankly I call that a miracle, but this is not my discovery as it is a well known fact that coconut oil prevents and helps sagging skin and those pesky wrinkles.
You can pick up jars of coconut oil literally anywhere and you will laugh at the one I use it is only €3.99 and it is Tesco’s brand.

They’re are many different versions like this one below.

One more amazing use for it and that’s a hair mask, especially if your lacking protein this is a perfectly weekly treatment.

With Love Couture Warrior x


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