Alex Perry 

This week I am putting the spotlight on one of Australias respected designer Alex Perry. Alex’s gowns fashion have been featured in Vogue Grazia and Hapers Bazaar to name but a few. He also has a lot of high profile clients such as Jennifer Lopez, which really for me is almost who he designs for as his design are bold with a slight touch of sexy to them. You might be more familiar with him as a judge on Australia’s next top Model.


Another fashionista who is a big fan of the designer and that’s E! Host is Giuliana Ranic. I must say she has been on my best dressed list with the two orange gowns. She has always worn his gowns so well and has style them to perfection that he never has to worry known she will be on. Red carpet with one of his babies.

Alex is very gifted at making his designs to ultimately make the look and feel like a supermodel, the shorter dresses elongate the legs and he manages to sinch in the waste by various illusions.  This is a designer at the height of career and can be safe in the knowledge he will around for a long time to come.
With Love Couture Warrior x


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