Are Givenchy in trouble?

12 years ago Givenchy was an after thought to most fashionistas until Riccardo Tisci came on as the new creative director and he resurrected the French fashion house with his dark sublime collections and just as it feels it as its peak Riccardo leaves!
Is it because the brand has peaked or are the rumours true and he is going to Versace. Riccardo has done all he can do with Givenchy he has achieved what every designer wishes they could do and that is to save a fashion from the brink.

With all this being said Givenchy will not be showing at Paris Fashion Week at the end of the month! Is this the death of the brand? Can they survive on reputation alone? Can the new creative director fill these massive boots? Only time will tell…

The Chief executive officer of LVMH said in a statement “The chapter Riccardo Tisci has written with the house of Givenchy over the last 12 years represents an incredible vision to sustain its continuous success, and I would like to warmly thank him for his core contribution to the house’s development.” 

With Love Couture Warrior x


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