Is print obsolete?

A month ago I was reading an editors note on the magazines transition from a pocket sized magazine back to A4 and it got me thinking about the era we live or should I say the tech bubble we live in! I can still remember when “Glamour” magazine became pocket size and as it seemed like such a novel idea but this was not just a fad or a novelty to drum up interest what the magazine was actually trying to do was stay alive. Tech was becoming huge and we as a consumer were spending hours commuting to and from work every week that we were catching up on all our reading on our phones and not just because we had become obsessed with our phones but because it was becoming a nuisance to carry around a large magazine that won’t fit in our handbags!! This quite frankly  was a genius move.
Fast forward years later and they are back to the original size …. I find this extremely interesting (I’m probably the only one who finds it interesting 😂). This brings me back to my original question is print obsolete…. No it’s absolutely not, in fact now more than ever it has become the luxury or treat that you can’t wait to come home to. With Vogue selling more copies of print and the successful launch of their .com site they have proved that print has a new place in our hearts as it signifies us taking time for ourselves. 

Enjoy the next time you take a bath with the latest issue of your favourite magazine.
With Love Couture Warrior x


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