What this girl is all about x

So here I am in my very early 30’s!! At first it was my greatest fear, I mean I was about to go to the other side of the world just to hide from the reality of it, but all of a sudden as if a wave came over me there was a calmness almost an acceptance that I had arrived. Up until now you have followed me on my journey as I figured out my own style and now I feel I have entered the greatest fashion years of my life.

I started this blog when I was working in job that was mind numbingly boring but as I was putting myself through college to study Marketing at night it was ideal. Anyway I started the blog as I needed an outlet for my outrageous love of fashion. Once I started it seemed like a natural thing for me to do. Although I will be the first to admit I have deleted a lot of Look du Jour posts as I my photography leaved a lot it be desired.

In November 2014 I won “Ireland’s next top fashion blogger” which came as a huge surprise as I thought I as the only one to read my blog 🙂

My blog is all about Fashion, mostly high end collections and reviews, keeping you up to date with my favourite editorials and seeing which mega beauty has graced the covers of ”The Bible” (Vogue) and some other high fashion glossy pages.

I promise to keep you up to date on the note worthy collections from all Fashion Weeks and when it comes to style icons I have you covered.

To keep up to date with me follow me on Facebook ” Couture Warrior”, Instagram @couture_warrior, Pinterest  @misslangan or twitter @sallyannlangan.

with Love Couture Warrior x


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