Ms. Minaj the Triple threat!

Nicki Minaj has flown the flag for all women for years as she has been a dominant figure in the heavyweight division of the music industry that is prominently all male and that is the rap industry. She then turned her hand at acting and of course she was not one bit fazed by it. 

She has always loved fashion and when she joined forces with Roberto Cavalli she did an amazing job ….  


So it comes as no surprise that she is now signed to the prestigious Wilhelmina modelling agency (celebrity division).
There is no stopping this lady.
With Love Couture Warrior x


Moschino Fall ’17

Moschino is definitely a larger than life brand and it seems to be getting bigger every season so you can imagine my surprise when the first part of the show was beige.

On closer inspection of course I quickly realised that the models were actually boxes 😂

Not to be disappointed we still got quintessential Moschino in your face prints.
I’ve always said if you nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. It’s not that I have anything bad to say it’s just ALOT but if I look at it like I do every other show the “pieces” are individually great.

And just to really catch me off guard Jeremy Scott decides to throw in a few subdued looks that I adore head to toe!!

With Love Couture Warrior x

Diane von Furstenberg Fall ’17

I am giddy with excitement at this collection and I might even be as bold to say it could very well be my favourite collection of the week because it was so left field of what I have ever known of the brand who created the “wrap dress”.

dvf 15.jpgdvf 14.jpgdvf 11.jpgdvf 10.jpg

Can we take a moment for the layering and the different patterns ….. Bold, very bold!! Ok so you wont find me in Tesco’s with one of these statement ensembles but when saturday night fever kicks in you sure will catch me on the dance floor with the bold stripes owing it.





I feel like you all know at this stage of my love for faux fur and of course DVF have delivered in spades.



This collection is very much about finishing th e entire look,  no stone was eft unturned and all is completely unified. This is surely a collection that will stand out in the DVF timeline for years to come.


With Love Couture Warrior x

Carolina Herrera AW ’17

Carolina Herrera is one of those quintessential “ladylike” fashion houses that I always imagine my walk in wardrobe being full of, once I finally decide I can no longer pull off the high fashion buzz. Back to yesterdays show there was a cleaness to the lines of this collection. Ever more delightful was the freshness of the white ensembles.

CH 1.jpg

ch 2.jpg

ch 3.jpg

Although we are seeing a different side to Carolina with this collection but the DNA was still apparent.

ch 11.jpg

ch 12.jpg

ch 13.jpg


I am really enjoying this slight more casual feel although it is anything but casual, I can most certainly see Kate Middleton weaing all of these pieces.


ch 14.jpg

ch 15.jpg

Carilna always has such a sophisticated eye for colour, not just colour but tones.

ch 56.jpg

ch 65.jpg



With Love Couture Warrior x

Victoria Beckham AW ’17

It was a pleasure to watch the next step in the evaluation of this label. The matured tailoring and sophisticated lines made this one of her best collections.

This collection is redefining the signature pieces for this winter with a masculine oversized overhaul but with the feminine well placed touches whether it be the sheer blouses and cut out panels.

Her use of colour in this collection is sublime and executed very well.

This was Victoria strongest accessories collection, this to is part of the evaluation. I’ve always been a huge fan of the long leather glove so I can’t wait to wear them this winter especially pairing them an oversized woolly jumper. Of course we have the statement bag that we see the models carrying at their hips, which has become trademark way for the label. I haven’t forgotten the footwear namely the boots, there is definitely a 70’s vibe from these round toe slouchy boots which always go incredible with hemlines that hit your shin. 

We can all rest easy this winter knowing that everything is oversized with plenary of layering.

All in all a very strong collection.
With Love Couture Warrior x

Are Givenchy in trouble?

12 years ago Givenchy was an after thought to most fashionistas until Riccardo Tisci came on as the new creative director and he resurrected the French fashion house with his dark sublime collections and just as it feels it as its peak Riccardo leaves!
Is it because the brand has peaked or are the rumours true and he is going to Versace. Riccardo has done all he can do with Givenchy he has achieved what every designer wishes they could do and that is to save a fashion from the brink.

With all this being said Givenchy will not be showing at Paris Fashion Week at the end of the month! Is this the death of the brand? Can they survive on reputation alone? Can the new creative director fill these massive boots? Only time will tell…

The Chief executive officer of LVMH said in a statement “The chapter Riccardo Tisci has written with the house of Givenchy over the last 12 years represents an incredible vision to sustain its continuous success, and I would like to warmly thank him for his core contribution to the house’s development.” 

With Love Couture Warrior x