Mach and Mach

So besides New York, Paris, London and Milan Fashion Week there are actually so many other fashion weeks including Russia and there was one show in particular that really caught my eye and that is Mach and Mach.

This collection is for the fearless for sure, now please don’t forget what I am always saying try not to focus on the wildness of it all zoom in on the pieces because they are exactly what you long for in your wardrobe. 

This collection is for the empowered woman who fears nothing and has no boundaries or limits and it shows in all that she does or wears in this case.

If this duo keeps this momentum up with their designs this is a label who we will see at the bigger fashion weeks!

With Love Couture Warrior x


Pharrell and Chanel x

For some time now Pharrell Williams has been a muse for Chanel which in itself is a rarity. He has starred in campaigns, walked in shows and is constantly photographed in Chanel.

But it has been revealed that the global superstar and all round game changer will be the first man ever to star in a Chanel Handbag campaign for the new Gabrielle bag.

Pharrell had always spoken out about individuality and breaking the rules and he recently said  “there’s mostly the perception that it’s for women, I just started to see, OK, as a man I can wear some of this,” he said. “So I would wear sunglasses here, or a jacket there.” As we can see from the first 3 images that he is not afraid to push the boundaries and wear pieces from the woman’s collection.
And true to form Pharrell has started wearing the Gabrielle and here is what he had to say about it, “When I first started wearing it I didn’t have anything in it. I was just so excited to have it. But now I use it to carry my phone, and β€” you know β€” essential personal things.”
Welcome to our world Pharrell, where would we be without a bag πŸ™ˆ
With Love Couture Warrior x

Louis Vuitton Frow!!

It’s rare for me to say this….. but who cares about the show the Front Row killed it!!
Michelle Williams.

And of course she was photographed with Justin Theroux. 

Jennifer Connolly.

Christian Louboutin.

Jaden Smith

LΓ©a Seydoux.

Anna Wintour.

With Love Couture Warrior x

Chanel Fall ’17

We all need a good laugh sometimes and Karl never fails to deliver as he showcased very large rocket!

I mean who doesn’t love a rocket πŸš€ And the fashion wasn’t too bad either. Now usually I’m obsessed with every piece from the Chanel collections, unfortunately it wasn’t the case this time. With that being said I’m just simply not going to show you the ensembles that are not my taste.

For me it’s always about the white, the pearls and the tweed 😍 and it still amazes me how he can reinvent the Chanel “stapled” look, I mean it’s the DNA and we would be lost without it.

Karl reminds us that his collection is “other worldly or out of this world” with the theme!

Always remember focus on the pieces to get the full appreciation for the garments.
More importantly the Frow was sick, we had my fav duo Pharrel Williams and Cara Delevingne were sitting side by side.

Loving Cara’s hair it’s the exact way I had mine this time 2 years ago … so jealous πŸ˜’ Sitting with the dynamic duo was Lily Rose Depp, one of my fav muses.

Also in attendance was Rita Ora and Lily Allen.

Kisses for Karl 😘
With Love Couture Warrior x

Chloe Fall 2017

Chloe is definitely the fashion house that feeds my thirst for 60’s style that has been pulled into the future. I adore Chloe as they always produce the most beautiful, feminine and youthful pieces that are just a tad more opulent than any other girl at the party!

This collection has reinforced I love of babydoll dresses but reinventing them is so many ways that we forget it is the same silhouette, and I don’t mean for that to sound like a back handed complement. The use of embroidery and chiffon gives us the finish that could only dress of in the 60’s. 

With the zibe firmly set all accessories are true to form with the black heeled brogues to the new “must have” bag of the season, I found this a very pleasant collection.

With Love Couture Warrior x

Moschino Fall ’17

Moschino is definitely a larger than life brand and it seems to be getting bigger every season so you can imagine my surprise when the first part of the show was beige.

On closer inspection of course I quickly realised that the models were actually boxes πŸ˜‚

Not to be disappointed we still got quintessential Moschino in your face prints.
I’ve always said if you nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. It’s not that I have anything bad to say it’s just ALOT but if I look at it like I do every other show the “pieces” are individually great.

And just to really catch me off guard Jeremy Scott decides to throw in a few subdued looks that I adore head to toe!!

With Love Couture Warrior x

Fendi Fall ’17

With over 50 years with Fendi Karl Lagerfeld has really found something special in his union with the granddaughter of the founders and creative director Silvia Venturini Fendi.

We can safely say the colour of fall if red and what shade of red? Well pretty much whatever ever shade and in any form (and yes I am making reference to those insane thigh high boots).

And a little left field was the cobalt blue with the red boots “oh hello 70’s”!!

The common denominator we have seen from almost all designers for fall is “sheer” with a twist.

And a sigh of relief when I see the touch of faux fur because we all know I need to wear every season regardless of the temperature πŸ˜‚.
I’ll say it again, Milan Fashion Week is really impressing me this season.
With Love Couture Warrior x

Gucci Fall ’17

And this Ladies and Gentlemen is how you open Milan Fashion Week, with a whooping 105 looks a chose just some of my favourite looks as I think you would be overwhelmed with all 105 images.

Gucci has had an overhaul thanks to Alessandro Michele, and his new collection is as eccentric as I expected.

Not only has he created an extravagant, whimsical collection for women but he showcased his menswear at the same time and yet somehow it flowed so naturally.

I really am enjoying the rebirth of Gucci, although the collection may seem overwhelming if we look close at the pieces they will most certainly be some of  the most coveted items of the season.

Alessandro Michele reminds us how fashion is a fantasy and everyday we can be a new character πŸ’•
With Love Couture Warrior x

Victoria Beckham AW ’17

It was a pleasure to watch the next step in the evaluation of this label. The matured tailoring and sophisticated lines made this one of her best collections.

This collection is redefining the signature pieces for this winter with a masculine oversized overhaul but with the feminine well placed touches whether it be the sheer blouses and cut out panels.

Her use of colour in this collection is sublime and executed very well.

This was Victoria strongest accessories collection, this to is part of the evaluation. I’ve always been a huge fan of the long leather glove so I can’t wait to wear them this winter especially pairing them an oversized woolly jumper. Of course we have the statement bag that we see the models carrying at their hips, which has become trademark way for the label. I haven’t forgotten the footwear namely the boots, there is definitely a 70’s vibe from these round toe slouchy boots which always go incredible with hemlines that hit your shin. 

We can all rest easy this winter knowing that everything is oversized with plenary of layering.

All in all a very strong collection.
With Love Couture Warrior x